Meet the Team: Tia Anderson

Why do you buy what you buy? As much as I tend to read reviews before making a purchase, I have to admit that product design and packaging makes just as big of an impact on my decision. Fonts, colors, materials, and even size all play a huge role in selling a product. When the design of a product helps to accurately reflect what that product does, it subtly aids the consumer in making the right choice when looking for the right product. Before working with Apple Valley Natural Soap, I never gave too much thought to all the hard work that goes into designing labels for products. Thankfully, our social media guru Tia knows all when it comes to product design and this week is all about her and the work she’s done for AVNS!

Meet Tia: The Social Media Manager of AVNS

Tia just got married several months ago! Aren’t they the cutest!

Tia runs all social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and she’s constantly working on finding ways to engage and interact with current customers. This could be as simple as asking customers what their favorite products are or sharing new information about the benefits of our products! She’s also always brainstorming new ways to reach people who need Apple Valley Natural Soap Products in their lives. This includes working on the development of an AVNS reels series, which you can find on our Instagram

How did you become part of the AVNS team?

“My husband is great friends with the Buck family. When we were dating, he knew Marianne wanted to expand the business in marketing and he recommended me! Now I have been with AVNS for 2 years!”

Tia is also behind the coordination of the weekly newsletter (if you aren’t getting our weekly newsletter you want to be, trust me, it is full of deals and giveaways!). Tia creates a visual theme for every newsletter based on the topic of the week. Each feature soap gets a customized background that matches the theme. Why do we do this? We love making online shopping as fun and easy for our customers as possible. A focused, aesthetically pleasing newsletter is not only entertaining, but instantly lets you know what it is we have to offer!

Tia is a freelancer for AVNS, so while she might work another job during the week, she always dedicates time for anything that AVNS needs. Her Mondays and Tuesdays are typically her scheduled time for planning and preparing social media posts, but she also takes on long term projects as well!

New Skincare Products Coming Soon

Tia is excited to reveal that she and Marianne have recently been working hard on a new project, “I have been working on an upcoming skincare line which has been very exciting. The labels have a modern look with a delicate design. I can’t for everyone to see them!” While you’re waiting for these products to hit our website, check out our BRAND NEW liquid soap in the meantime!

What goes into designing a product label?

A label should always reflect the product. Why? Well, if you went to the store and bought a bottle of shampoo with roses and a silky, shimmery font on the front you’d probably be pretty surprised if you went home and found the bottle was filled with a gritty brown mixture that smelled like swamp and made your hair sticky…right? You’d be expecting a rose scent and a silky textured shampoo (which means you should check out our Bella Rose Shampoo Bar). If we wanted people to know that a product was made with ingredients known for their skin-soothing benefits, we’d want to choose a soothing color like blue. If we want to highlight the fresh aspect of a product, we might pick green.

If there was a bar called “The Tia Bar” What would the description and ingredient list look like?

“The Tia Bar is a dazzling ray of sunshine that will brighten your day up. The touch of grapefruit adds a sweetness that will tickle your toes!”

Tia’s a huge fan of Apple Valley Natural Soap products, especially since so many of her hobbies include hanging out in nature! “I have picked up some hobbies this summer including tennis, disc golf, and camping! I also love the beaches, brewery’s, and traveling.” 

If you feel like you still haven’t had enough Tia, you can always read some of the blogs she’s written for Apple Valley Natural Soap!

Tune in next month to meet another team member!

Much Love,


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