Pets and Essential Oils: Is it Safe?

Hello AVNS community! My name is Abigail Paige, and I’m a ballet dancer living in Washington D.C. I’ve been many places throughout my dance journey, but I was born and raised in Lakeville, Minnesota. Living naturally was a huge part of growing up, and a lot of those principles have stayed with me through the … Read More

What is a Natural Moisturizer? Part Two

Salves and Oils Hey there! And welcome back to our in-depth conversation on natural moisturizers. Two weeks ago in a blog we covered lotions and body butters, and now we’ll talk about two lesser-known but extremely effective options: salves and oils. With all the natural moisturizers that exist you might be wondering…what’s the difference between … Read More

What is a natural Moisturizer? Part 1

Going Natural If you’re looking for a natural moisturizer, you might be surprised by just how many options you actually have. Natural lotions, natural body butters, natural oils, natural salves…what’s the difference between these moisturizing products? How do you know which is the best natural moisturizer for your body versus which acts as the best … Read More

FAQs About Our Soap (and soap in general)

Have you ever wondered how soap works? You aren’t the only one, this week I’ve pulled some questions from our FAQ page and I’ll be expanding on some questions about the science behind soap and how it works. I’ll also take a look at the difference between natural soap and popular brand soaps you’d find … Read More

Beer Rinse For Your Hair: Does it Work???

Beer = Perfect Hair? Is rinsing your hair with beer the long awaited miracle secret to long, shiny hair? Or just a hoax-y trend with no real results? I guess we’ll find out because I tried rinsing my hair with beer to see if it would truly improve my naturally textured hair (before and after … Read More

The Secret in Our Winter Skin Saver Bar: Lanolin

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin? Finding products that keep dry skin moisturized can be a huge challenge. Our Winter Skin Saver Bar is easily one of our most popular limited edition natural soaps…how do I know this? Because each batch we put out sells out within a day or two. But what makes … Read More

Wary Welcoming: A Reflection on The Past Year

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to properly reflect on the past year, and how to prepare myself for the year to come. Every once in a while I like to write about life’s journey because it gives me a chance to slow down and connect with everyone who reads the AVNS blog. … Read More

3 DIY Tea Bath ideas

Look out bubble baths, these three DIY tea bath ideas are looking like huge game changers. Why try a tea bath or tea soak? Because teas have so many amazing topical benefits from detoxifying to skin-softening. I’m bringing you three different tea bath ideas each targeting a certain area of skincare that will prove for … Read More

I Tried Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day

Should you drink a gallon of water a day? Can you drink a gallon of water every day? Does drinking a gallon of water a day improve your skin? Will drinking a gallon of water a day improve your health? Can you drink a gallon of water to lose weight? Well, I’ve been drinking water … Read More


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