Is Moisturizer Actually Bad For Your Natural Skin?

Beauty blogs and companies love to jump on shock-value headlines, and this week we’ll be exploring one such headline. I’ve heard and looked into the great debate of whether washing your hair less frequently is beneficial many times with differing results, but what about your skin? Is moisturizing your skin a must to keep it healthy and supple? Or does it condition your skin to rely on outside sources of moisture, therefore causing your natural skin to become dry without the use of a moisturizer?

Of course, you may be skeptical…how can you trust information advocating for moisturizers when it comes from a company that sells a variety of moisturizing products? That’s a fantastic point and I assure you that Apple Valley Natural Soap wouldn’t waste the time and resources making moisturizing products if we didn’t hear consistent feedback that they benefit our customers time and time again.

Why Could Lotion Be Bad For Your Skin?

The argument against regular use of a moisturizer can be found on many trending beauty websites that quote the same dermatologist who makes these two points:

Moisturizer prevents skin’s natural exfoliation process

A moisturizer is meant to act as a barrier that traps in water to hydrate skin, but the argument is made that this barrier not only holds water in but keeps any dead skin cells, dirt, or germs trapped in the skin as well which leads to skin that is dull and prone to acne.

Our Thoughts

We agree that exfoliation is important, but we don’t see why you have to pick between a moisturizer and exfoliation when you can have both! Assisting your skin with manual or chemical exfoliation will prepare your skin for a moisturizer. You can keep your skin clear and fresh while still getting the benefit of that extra hydration that a moisturizer supplies! We find that a natural toner is a great gentle exfoliant for your skin…and we have soaps like our Acne Battle Face and Body Bar have physical ingredients that exfoliate too!

Using a moisturizer too often will unbalance your skin’s natural oil production

The argument made for this is that the regular use of a moisturizer will train your skin to produce fewer natural oils, making your natural skin dry and fragile without the constant use of a moisturizer. However, it is acknowledged that some skin types naturally do require additional moisture and that a nickel sized amount of a lightweight lotion on your face never hurt!

Our Thoughts

We agree that it is important not to over moisturize your skin. Our belief is that using a daily moisturizer that promotes your skin’s natural balance is the key to healthy and happy skin. In fact that’s kind of what we do best! Our cleansing soaps and moisturizes set us apart from other skincare companies because we use natural ingredients. Why does this matter? Natural ingredients have a tendency to mimic natural human processes, so our moisturizing ingredients are gentle and often function on a level similar to the natural oils your skin already produces! We know that there are so many unique skin types and we work to offer moisturizers that will meet many different skin needs. You can read in depth about our natural moisturizers in our two part blog about our moisturizers, but if you’re looking for an easy place to start I’d check out our oils. These include Jojoba oil, a lightweight oil that mimics sebum, the skin’s naturally produced oil. Argan oil, a luxurious but non-clogging oil that leaves skin extremely hydrated and protected, and our powerful Hemp Facial Oil which has tons of additional benefits!

And If You’re Still Not Sure…

You can always read this article written for Harvard Health Publishing!

Much Love,


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