5 Unique Ways To Use and Reuse Flowers!

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

We get the flower hype, we love using floral essential oils to scent our soaps. Our Bella Rose Shampoo bar and Lavender Buttermilk Shampoo bar are just a few of our floral scented soaps! But what else can you do with flowers? A lot!  From jewelry to tasty treats, let’s celebrate the floral explosion of springtime with a purposeful harvest! 

  1. DIY Potpourri

Such a fun, simple way to keep those expired Mother’s Day bouquets going! According to Grower Direct, “Potpourri was created in the 12th century for the purpose of freshening rooms in castles for the people of that time. Spices or herbs were placed in huge cooking cauldrons after the meal tasks of the day had been completed.” Many people today continue to use potpourri as a natural way to keep their living spaces smelling fresh! I used to wonder why my Nana kept a bunch of dried up flowers in a bowl on the bathroom counter…now I know! Here’s a potpourri recipe specifically for repurposing old bouquets. You can always change the ingredients of a potpourri to match the season. Pinecones during Christmas or cloves and oranges for fall!

  1. Flower Beads

I feel like this is a great project for a rainy day! This craft is a beautiful way to memorialize a special day like a wedding or anniversary and if you make the beads entirely out of the flowers from the occasion you have a very sentimental keepsake that can last you a super long time. According to Beading Gem, “Real rose petal beads have been made for centuries. The Catholic Church sanctioned the use of rose petal beads in rosaries back in the 16th century. Indeed, the word rosary comes from the Latin rosarium or rose garden. The craft was practiced by convent sisters,Victorians and even by mission people in early California. It is easy to understand why the beads were so popular for they give out a lovely fragrance especially when worn or handled.” A recipe for making the beads in a more traditional fashion can be found here. However, if you’re looking for something a little less intricate you can always simplify the recipe by blending crushed up flowers in a pre-made clay!

photo from The View From Great Island
  1. Dandelion honey

Looking for a vegan honey recipe? Try dandelion honey. Yes, it is a bit of a process to make, but you’ll save the bees a lot of work and what a cool experience! The benefits of dandelion honey include it being a vegan substitute, an alternative for people who are allergic to honey, plus you can put the dandelions to good use! Did you know that dandelions are technically considered a weed? My mom would disagree, she would argue that that dandelion is just a very dedicated and persistent flower, but the dandelion was actually introduced to North America and is not native. “In the mid-1600s, European settlers brought the common dandelion (scientific name, Taraxacum officinale) to eastern America and cultivated it in their gardens for food and medicine. Since then it has spread across the continent as a weed.” You can actually incorporate dandelions into a lot of different food dishes, but to start here is a recipe for dandelion honey from The Spruce Eats.

  1. Ice Cube Decorations

Jazz up your brunch or picnic with edible, beautiful ice cubes! I will attach a detailed article from The View From Great Island so you can be sure that these ice cube treats turn out after only a couple practice tries…but there are a couple important details to note if you want your ice cubes to turn out right away! Try a silicone ice cube tray for best results. Make sure you are boiling distilled water for the clearest ice to see the flowers! And try using edible greens in your cubes to ensure anything consumed will be safe. Some flowers include roses, pansies, nasturtiums, marigolds, violets and geraniums. You could also add a little extra flavor by using mint leaves! 

  1. Edible Flower Shortbread Cookies

Just a simple, delicious cookie recipe sure to wow any guests with the pressed pressed topping of an edible flower! Recipe from Two Cups Flour can be found right here!

I think the cookie recipe is definitely on the top of my to-try list! What about you?

Much Love,


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