Mother’s Day Eco-Friendly Gift Guide 2022

Gift giving can be extremely difficult, especially when shopping for loved ones. Obviously, Mother’s Day shopping is no easy task. How do you find something that expresses your sentiment, but will also be useful and enjoyed by the mom or mother-figure in your life? The internet may seem like a helpful tool for finding gifts that are unique and creative, but it can also be exhausting to have to sort through the countless ideas and options that are thrown your way. 

That’s why I take the time to page through Etsy for these gift giving occasions…pulling some of the most fun, most practical gift ideas I can find and bringing them to our blog. The goal is to give you a small, but inspiring sample of exciting and meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts that are hopefully eco-friendly!

I usually rank my gift guides in order of how much I would personally want the gift, and I usually save the thing I would personally want most and find the absolute coolest for last…but let me say…this year I would put all of these gifts last if it were possible (okay, maybe I do have one stand out favorite…but it was a close call!)

Copper Earrings by CapturedIllusions

Description from creator

These are knock-out. They shine and you just cannot miss them. These earrings are made from hand hammered copper that has been domed. They are complimented by sterling silver wires. 7/8″x1-1/2″ includes wire.

These make the perfect additional “something something” to tuck into one of our giftboxes!

100% Organic Cotton Turkish Beach Towel by FESHKA

These made me think of my own mom, who loves nothing more than a huge beach towel to sprawl out in the sun on a hot day! These towels are versatile, durable and quick drying!

Description from creator

Feshka beach towels are made of 100% organic Turkish cotton, making our towels extremely soft and durable. Designed to be practical, lightweight, and fashionable, Feshka towels introduce versatile usage over the traditional towel.

You can use them as: Beach and Pool Towel, Picnic Blanket, Dog Blanket, Yoga Mat, TV Blanket, Camping Blanket, Shawl, Scarf, Wrap, Throw Blanket, Sarong, Travel Blanket. Table Cloth, Bath Towel, or Baby Blanket.

Our towels are prewashed to give you the best experience right out of the box. Use of 100% organic Turkish cotton, which consists of extra-long fibers, makes them extra smooth. Feshka towels become softer with every wash. They are made to last and perfect as a gift!

Feshka towels are thinner than terry towels, dry super fast and can also be used as bathroom towels. Quick drying means you can use them over and over again! No more smelly towels. It’s perfect for your next journey!

The unique weaving technique and the use of Turkish cotton allow our towels to repel sand even if they are wet! Enjoy your beach days with the comfort of Feshka Original Turkish Towels while leaving the sand at the beach!

We know being healthy isn’t just what you do with your body but what you put on it. Being GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified means our products are 100% organic, safe for skin and the environment.

It’s time to say goodbye to your old bulky towels that take forever to dry and pack up. Made with the most premium Turkish cotton and hand-loomed in Turkey, Feshka towels will give you a brand-new experience of beach towels.

What Exactly Are Turkish Towels?

Turkey is one of the most renowned countries for superior fabric production from their exceptional cotton fields. Turkish towels–sometimes called Peshtemal-are made from premium Turkish Cotton that has extra-long fibers which results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. Because of this unique material, Turkish towels are known to become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings.

More information:

*Dimensions: 37″ x 67″ (94cm x 170cm)

*100% Turkish Organic Cotton

*Sand Resistant Design!

*Made and Loomed in Turkey

*After Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold. Air Dry.

Your towels will ship from California with FREE SHIPPING!

Embrace the summer theme by pairing this towel with one of our outdoorsy, summery bars! Our Summer Skin Saver is out now and our Camping soap will be too! 

Mother’s Day Personalized Book by ISeeMeBooksUS

I had relatives that used to make me personalized books for Christmas when I was little where I was the main character and I always felt so cool and a little bit famous. I don’t think you have to be seven to feel that way! I think every mom is the hero of her story and it deserves to be in print!

Description from creator

Honor a loving super mom with a uniquely personalized book that’s perfect for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or any day of the year just because! Everyone knows moms have super-vision for finding things and super-strength for carrying copious amounts of stuff. Moms are called on to be builders, bakers, doctors, and duct-tapers. Moms can do anything! She brightens our days and wraps us in love. “My Super Mom” makes a sweet photo-personalized gift for moms who are clever, creative, multi-tasking champions! Written by Jennifer Fox and illustrated by Sarah Gramelspacher. Made in the USA. 20 pages; 8.5 x 8.5 inch. HARDCOVER OR SOFTCOVER OPTIONS AVAILABLE.

Even heroes need a spa day! Make sure mom knows this by pairing this fun read with a gift set of soaps, scrubs, and luxury oils! Then she can read in the tub!

Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board for Mother’s Day by Cuttingboarder

I believe that Mother’s Day also serves as a remembrance and celebration of mothers in general. The gift you’re giving may not be going to a mother, but perhaps someone who has lost a mother. My Nana was and is the foundation of my family and when I saw this gift idea I imagined giving one with her handwriting on it to my aunt and how much that would mean to her. 

Description from creator

Create a cherished family heirloom with this engraved, handwritten recipe cutting board! We will take your favorite recipe, from Grandma, Mom, or anyone, and laser engrave it into our high quality, hardwood cutting boards. The perfect gift to remember a loved one and their special recipe!

Keep in theme with cooking and kitchens by pairing this gift with our Kitchen Salt and Spice Bar!

Mother’s Day Chocolates by BrownSugarChocolate

These are so incredibly cool. Who doesn’t love edible artwork? I just can’t get over the fact that these are gorgeous and gluten free!

Description from creator

Brown Sugar Chocolate is a small artisan chocolate company. We make your chocolates to order. We craft each chocolate to have perfect flavor and beautiful artistry. These chocolates are a celebration in a box. Our ingredients are simple and all of our chocolates are free from gluten, eggs, nuts, and corn products.

Our flavors include…

Creme Brulee

Cinnamon Roll

Salted Chocolate Caramel

Double Espresso


Key Lime Pie


Classic Chocolate

Passion Fruit

Cookie Dough Monster

Lavender Honey

This is a 6 piece assorted box with a Mother’s Day theme in a super cute eco-friendly box.

Obviously pair with our Cocoa Butter Bar so you can wash your hands with chocolate after eating it!

Octopus glass straw by Luv4Erth

These are probably the cutest little creatures I have ever seen in my entire life. If you aren’t captivated by these goofy little straw buddies I don’t know what to say.

Description from creator

 All Straws are handmade by us in Murrieta, CA USA

🐙 This listing is for 1 custom, made to order glass drinking straw with a Octopus design

🐙 Custom colors – Select a primary color for the octopus and even add secondary colors in the Personalization (Octopus Straws are clear and the design is colored)

🐙 Straight or bent, your choice! Tell us in the Personalization

🐙 Dishwasher safe, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic

🐙 Free straw cleaning brush included!

🐙 Add a carrying pouch for $2.00

🐙 Since straws are handmade each straw is unique from the next

🐙 Our straws are durable with 10mm outer diameter and 2.2mm thick

Obviously this would go super cute with some kind of beverage themed gift…and we have soaps that smell like beverages! Pick From Pink Lemonade, Root Beer Float and more!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Much Love,


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