You Can Benefit From Vegan Natural Soap (Even if You Aren’t a Vegan)

Veganism. What is it?

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A vegan’s lifestyle centers around the refusal to use animal products. 

Vegan vs Vegetarian

Veganism differs from vegetarianism in that a vegan avoids all animal-sourced products including, but not limited to meat. From vegan soup to vegan soap this means vegan diets, vegan clothes, and even vegan cosmetics must be void of all animal products. 

Why Go Vegan?

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The benefits of a vegan lifestyle extend past simply contributing to the increased quality of animal life. According to an article in Medical News Today, Health benefits of a vegan diet include better heart health, lower cancer risk, and weight loss. Planning a vegan diet also enforces the practice of being conscious about what you put into your body…but what about what you put on your body?

The Benefits of Vegan Natural Soap

All Apple Valley Natural Soaps are cruelty-free certified, this means that none of our ingredients or products have been tested on animals (unless hand-crafted for animals). Just because a product is cruelty-free does not mean it does not contain animal products. While some of our soaps do contain ethically sourced animal products such as silk and honey (read more about how we obtain these ingredients here), we also offer a variety of vegan options. Vegan natural soaps are gentle, nourishing alternatives to vegan soaps that still use harsh chemicals. 

5 Vegan Natural Soaps You Have to Try

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Go Green By Going Orange!

Not only are these five soaps vegan, they also all contain orange essential oils! It’s these hot summer days that have me dreaming about a cup of zesty orange sherbert (vegan recipe PLEASE!!!) and after trying them, I think you’ll agree that these soaps smell just as delicious.

1) Rosemary Orange Shampoo Bar

Rosemary Orange Vegan

This is such a sweet, pretty thing. The vegan orange illite clay is peachy pink and has tons of fantastic benefits. Mango butter softens, conditions, and adds antioxidant properties, and the essential oil blend of rosemary and orange is absolutely incredible. It makes you woozy in love. (You think I’m exaggerating? Try one and find out for yourself!)

“This shampoo bar is awesome! I love how it lathers up so nicely and cleans my oily hair so well. I had gone no poo using baking soda for shampoo, but would occasionally use a natural shampoo as well. This bar fits my needs of being natural and keeping away all the nasty chemicals found in regular shampoo. I can still go 2 days without washing my hair just like when using the baking soda. I’m hooked on Apple Valley’s shampoo bars!!”

– Customer Review

2) Orange Anise Salt Bar

Orange Anise Vegan

This striking and modern looking vegan salt bar is made with an artisanal blend of european spa salt (you can read all about our skin-nourishing salt here). Activated charcoal made from coconut shells provides a deep clean. The scent is an utterly addicting blend of spicy anise and sweet orange. You’ll be looking for excuses to wash your hands.

“We’re huge fans of the salt bars, but the orange anise bar is my current favorite. It’s amazing on my face, too.”

-Customer Review

3) Lavender Orange Castile Bar

Lavender Orange Vegan

Smooth, relaxing, dreamy. A 100% organic olive oil soap, a true Castile, beautifully scented with lavender and sweet orange essential oils.

A true Castile soap is the most gentle and mild of soaps, safe even for babies and those with ultra-delicate skin. You will not get a bubbly lather from a Castile bar, but rather a rich, thick, creamy highly emollient lather that is perfect for shaving. Castile soaps made with only olive oil are a gentle and effective option for even the most sensitive of skin and may be a great vegan soap for acne!

“Very sudsy soap…and smooth! Very gentle and right amount of oil to really feel like your covered in silk. I will purchase this again. The smell is just right.”

-Customer Review

4) Chamomile and Orange Blossom Shampoo Bar

Chamomile and Orange Vegan

Fishing for a clean, vegan start to your day? The lure is an organic chamomile and calendula infused oil blend to which we’ve added generous portions of coconut, mango butter and organic jojoba to cleanse, nourish and moisturize your scalp and skin. The scent in this shampoo bar will captivate you.

“This shampoo is absolutely AMAZING! My hair has never felt so nice! It also didn’t cause any breakouts for me, which is amazing since I’m almost allergic to everything on the planet. The scent isn’t overpowering and is so light and airy. I’m definitely going to buy more soon!”

-Customer Review

5) Mango Citrus Shampoo Bar

Mango Citrus Vegan

Soft citrus with a hint of floral, this bar is super rich in Mango Butter! This totally vegan mango butter has high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids which makes it a moisture rich food for skin and hair. It reportedly aids in the slowing of hair loss through the treatment of scalp conditions such as dandruff, eczema, or psoriasis. Mango butter is readily absorbed into skin and hair, supporting cell regeneration of the scalp, which ultimately promotes hair growth as well as helping to strengthen the overall structure. It is also known to help repair split ends and help add volume to hair.

Thinking About Going Vegan?

Whoa, with soaps like those even a hardcore carnivore might be convinced to go vegan (What’s that Mr. T-Rex? You’d like to place an order for all five bars? Sounds good, we’ll be on that as soon as we get the time machine up and running).

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about the benefits of vegan natural soap. If you enjoy reading about the benefits of natural ingredients you can follow our blog to receive updates on future posts. Share this post on social media to keep your friends in the natural beauty loop! If there’s a specific ingredient you’d like information on, or just a question in general feel free to comment below and your suggestion could become a future post!

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Everything You Need to Know About Castile Soap

How is my love for acting related to Castile soap?

When I play a character in a show, I not only get to fill their shoes, I also trace their footsteps. 

Here I am with my fellow actor Dah in our production of I Hate Hamlet. I absolutely loved my costumes for this show…I felt like a princess!

Because of this, I’ve travelled through a number of character paths that have taken me around the world: I’ve stolen a Commedia dell’arte romp through the winding canals of Venice, floated through the dreamscape of Charles Dickens’s London, explored the historical and haunted flats that make up the New York City skyline, and washed a peasant’s laundry in (and I think you’ll see where I’m going here) Castile, Spain.

Castile? Wait, isn’t that a type of soap?

You guessed it!

The history of soap

Early soaps were made from combining animal fats and plant oils with salt or ash. This primitive soap was used for cleaning cooking utensils and medicinal purposes rather than for beauty and personal hygiene. As soap making became more refined it also became more expensive because it required both technique and coveted family recipes. Prices only dropped after production became more mainstream when chemicals were introduced to simplify the process.

What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap has been around for quite some time, but unlike the first soaps ever made it does not contain animal fat or ashes. However, a traditional Castile soap is also free from modern chemicals used in most mass-produced soaps.

So if it doesn’t have chemicals or animal byproduct, what exactly is it made of?

Olive oil.

And I’m sure you already guessed where those olives were grown.

Spain exports the world’s majority of olive oil and the production of olive oil in Spain can be traced back about 3,000 years. Although Castile soap got its name from a specific region in Spain, Castile soap can be made with olive oil from anywhere…which has its disadvantages.

The benefits of olive oil in Castile soap

Because Castile soap is generally defined as soap made with olive oil, many companies can get away with using small quantities of low grade olive oil while still labeling the soap as “Castile Soap” This soap will not have the same benefits as a soap composed of high quality olive oil.

Now, the advantage of using olive oil from outside of Castile is that it allows us to pick from the best. In keeping with the origins of the first Castile soaps, our organic virgin olive oil is sourced mainly from the Mediterranean region. Our true Castile soaps provide a gentle cleanse and act as a nourishing moisturizer. Our virgin olive oil is chemical free and retains its vitamin content, the reason behind olive oil’s health benefits (especially vitamin E). Vitamin E protects skin from the damage of free radicals and can help alleviate symptoms of eczema.

We choose to go organic with our virgin olive oil and many of our other products to promote the protection of the earth and water from harmful pesticides and we want our Castile soap to do the same for your skin. Our Calendula Castile Bar is the perfect soothing solution for sensitive skin (babies would highly recommend it…if they could talk). Our Lavender Castile Bar will create a calming, creamy lather…perfect for shaving! I know I’ve got the Lavender Orange Castile Bar on my wish-list and I’ve got an audition for Antigone tomorrow so I’m ready to get into character (Greece likes its olive oil too!)

Wish me Luck!