The Best Ingredient for Smooth Skin: Goat Milk

Goat milk is an underrated ingredient in the skin care community with unparalleled benefits. We here at Apple Valley Natural Soap are such huge fans of goat milk that we decided one bar with goat milk wasn’t enough! This week’s blog is all about our new Limited Edition Geranium Blossom Goat Milk Shampoo Bar and why it is so fantastic. We’ll also explain exactly what it is that makes goat milk such a must have in your skin and hair routine!

Benefits of Goat Milk

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Goat milk has a ton of fantastic agents contributing to its overall beauty enhancing structure! Goat milk works mainly to smooth and enhance skin, and works its wonders on even the most sensitive of skin.


Vitamin A and lactic acid content in goat milk help to gently exfoliate skin.


Lactic acid acts as a humectant drawing moisture into your skin. Lactic acid also elevates the production of ceramides, which helps to tighten and strengthen your skin! Check out our Lavender Buttermilk Bar for more of this goodness!

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Goat’s milk has the same pH as human skin,which means it is extremely compatible with our skin’s surface and won’t cause reactions.

Goat Milk For Hair

Goat milk works a similar magic on hair as it does skin! Not only does it moisturize a dry, flaky scalp…but the protein content is fantastic for strengthening and protecting the hair shaft. Goat milk is a great natural ingredient for curly hair because of its protein content!

Apple Valley Natural Soap Goat Milk Shampoo Bars

What is the easiest way to get goat milk into your skincare and haircare routine? Try using it in a bar of soap! We have two super different, very unique bars that incorporate goat’s milk for an all over gentle cleanse from head to toe!

Geranium Blossom Goat Milk Shampoo

Description: This beautifully scented floral shampoo bar has been created with some pretty amazing ingredients which we think you’ll love. Do you love floral scents? The essential oil blend of geranium, orange and lavender will transport you to a summer flower garden. Not only that, but if we’re loving everything floral, why not consider our addition of Rosehip extract? Rosehips are high in antioxidants which can help improve the appearance of hair as well as help protect it. But we didn’t stop there, we’ve also added rich goat milk which brings its own fantastic benefits to this shampoo bar. Goat milk helps leave hair soft and manageable, it also repairs damage, is good for dry scalp and helps with dandruff, leaving a healthy scalp. Goat milk along with the following ingredients create a regenerating, nourishing and sudsy shampoo bar for those who love everything floral!

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Coconut oil which is a super-oil full of naturally present antioxidants is an excellent anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. 

Olive oil which is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it superb for hair, skin, and nails. 

Jojoba oil is a natural anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, its properties keep the scalp clean and healthy. It can also prevent hair loss and thinning caused by the clogged hair follicles as it dissolves and clears these blockages and promotes the development of new hair cells, which can lead to hair growth. 

Shea butter strengthens your skin by stimulating the production of collagen, it helps make your skin more supple, more alive, nourished and radiant. 

Goat milk is rich in calcium and protein as well as vitamins and minerals, all of which aid in strengthening and maintaining healthy hair.

Rosehip extract is high in antioxidants and may help improve hair’s healthy appearance by supporting the restoration of moisture in hair strands, eliminating frizz or split ends, and may also help protect against hair loss. Because of these qualities, it may also be a benefit to hair which is chemically treated, bleached, or otherwise damaged due to heat or coloring. 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic olive, organic coconut, castor, organic sustainable palm, unrefined organic cocoa butter, organic unrefined shea nut butter and organic jojoba. Goat milk, rosehip extract, essential oils of geranium, orange, lavender & clary sage. Rosemary oil extract.

Italian Garden Shampoo Bar

Description: Can’t afford the time or money for a trip to the Italian Riviera? Don’t let that stop you from treating your HAIR to the delectable fruits of Italy! We stuffed this bar with emollient olive oil and grapeseed oil, rich goat milk which leaves hair soft and manageable, repairs damaged hair, is good for dry scalp and helps with dandruff and leaves your scalp healthy. We have also added a mysterious and intoxicating essential oil blend that includes marjoram, mandarin, lavender, petitgrain and geranium. Fantastico!

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic olive, organic coconut, castor bean, grapeseed, organic shea nut butter, organic sustainable palm, and organic jojoba, goat milk, parsley, alfalfa, spirulina, rosemary oil extract, and essential oils of Lavender, Orange Sweet, Mandarin Sicily, Geranium Egyptian, Cedarwood Atlas, Marjoram Sweet, Frankincense, Palmarosa, Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang and Petitgrain Sicily.

Get this limited edition bar before it’s gone!

Much Love,


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