Unscented Shampoos and Soaps

Environmental Illness

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Have you ever used a product and had a bad reaction to it? Maybe your makeup caused a breakout, or your cheap lotion caused an angry red itch on your hands? Some people deal with even worse reactions, and it’s called Environmental Illness. Environmental Illness can result in symptoms from a number of different systems in the body including neurological, immune, respiratory, and skin (just to name a few). These symptoms, which can range from a headache to irritated eyes, are brought on by chemicals in one’s environment. People with Environmental Illness are at constant risk of being exposed to chemicals which could trigger a reaction. Most people don’t think that a perfume or air freshener they use in their room or on their body could make such a negative impact on someone else’s wellbeing, but this is the case!

Information on Environmental Illness

Information on Scent Free Zones


While we think of toxic chemicals like exhaust having an impact on our health, we do not consider other day to day chemicals that live on our shelves and in our cupboards. Many fragrances are created with synthetic chemicals that are incompatible with our bodies and end up as an irritant whether it be physical or sensory.

History of Our Naturally Scented Products

Sweet Rosehips Body Polish

We offer a variety of soaps ranging from unscented to scented with phthalate free fragrance. We are always working towards scent options that are the most natural, but we sold some of our soaps for over four years under the impression that the pre-mixed blends we were using in a few of our bars were pure essential oil blends.  Since that time it was discovered that those blends contained pure essential oils AND a small percentage of phthalate-free fragrance oil to boost the natural scent. We had to decide whether to discontinue those bars and disappoint many of our regular customers, or to continue to carry them and give people the choices they wanted. We made the decision to carry the bars, and let our customers make their own choices in this regard.

What is the ratio of scent in our soaps?

All of our scented varieties of soap contain 2-3% essential oils—to add scent as well as therapeutic value—and 98% other ingredients (oils, water, clays, milks, etc.).  The few soaps that contain the uncertified blends ALSO have therapeutic grade essential oils in them. We did a lot of experimenting because we wanted to make our scents totally unique.  The fact that these soaps contain a mix of the blends in question PLUS our own essential oil additions also drives any percentage of any fragrance oil down even further (less than .5-1% of the entire batch). 

If you are a purist (please see 2020 UPDATE), these are the soaps/products that are scented with a mix of pure essential oils AND may also contain a minimal amount of phthalate-free fragrance oil which augments and enhances the scent:

Chamomile and Orange Blossom soap, Bella Rose soap, Marshmallow and Aloe soap, Green Tea and Nettles soap, Wheat and Honey soap, Lavender Buttermilk soap, Vanilla Butter soap, Wildflowers soap, and Sweet Rosehips Body Polish.

2020 UPDATE: We have started introducing a natural plant based fragrance alternative to some of our soaps which once had the essential oil & phthalate free fragrance blend. This is only happening to soaps and products where finding a scent match with essential oils is not possible. Our desire would be to only used essential oils as they give benefit to the hair and skin as well as scent, but when this is not possible, we have chosen to use natural plant based fragrances. These natural fragrances are plant-based aromatics which are produced using pure essential oils and aromatic isolates derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources. All of these natural fragrances are certified to be free of synthetic ingredients.

Products currently using the natural plant based fragrances:

Sweet Vanilla Body Polish, Jasmine Rose Citric Acid Hair Rinse, Coconut Milk & Citrus Shampoo Bar.

Unscented Shampoos and Soaps

Be mindful of those around you who may have an intolerance to fragrance while still smelling great! Our unscented soaps and shampoos may be fantastic options for teachers and other employees who work in fragrance free zones! Try our Simply Shea Shampoo Bar or wash your hands with our Salted Chocolate Sink Bar!

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